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Flotation Device Inflatable Aid

The Tactical Flotation Support System™ (Patent Pending), TFSS-7353, designed by PECI Flotation, L.L.C., is an inflatable aid to flotation device specifically designed to attach to equipment. The TFSS-7353 consists of a right side unit only. The reusable welded bladder is YELLOW in color with reflective tape and is made of 200 denier nylon. The storage pouch is GRAY with black trim and includes an inflation system, a pouch closure system, and a firing handle. The inflation system is actuated with a CO2 cartridge or through an oral inflation tube.

Specially designed Grommet, Loop, and Pin (GLP) closure system prevents accidental deployment as well as compacts the pouch to a fully packed size of 6.5" x 2.75" x 2.25". The system was designed to enhance training events and facilitate equipment recovery. Also, the system was designed to provide a minimum of 35 lbs of positive buoyancy at the surface of seawater. CO2 cartridge not included with unit unless specifically requested. Other pouch colors available on request.

CO2 MSDS Sheet

All the data needed for shipping and storing the CO2 cartridges contained in your TFSS-7353