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Detachable Modular Flotation System

The Detachable Modular Flotation System (DMFS), designed by PECI Flotation, L.L.C and Combat Solutions, L.L.C. is an user-actuated inflatable flotation system specifically designed for waterborne and/or maritime airborne operations personnel. It can also be used with the Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) during egress from a submerged vessel of any type. The DMFS was designed to provide an aid to flotation while attaching to plate carrier, patrol belt or H-harness with the unique capability of quick removal by providing the capability for additional kit mounting points on the devices for a "no lost real estate" usage scenario.

Each DMFS consists of one each independent left and right hand units mounted on a carrier platform utilizing a fabric wrap-around design secured by a hook and loop system, MOLLE or ALICE attachment capabilities for ease of donning and doffing in the field. Each unit includes a welded flotation bladder, an inflation system, a pouch closure system, a pouch, and a firing handle. The bladder is a reusable welded fabric enclosure that deploys under the arm and is readily collapsed and stowed for re-use. The inflation system utilizes a manually actuated 38-gram CO2 cartridge with beaded pull-handles for primary inflation, and an oral inflation tube for secondary inflation.

The DMFS pouch contains and protects the bladder and inflation system, while being simple to repack. The bladder systems can be quickly detached and replaced for ease of re-arming and/or for general replacement should the bladder become damaged. The firing handle attaches to the bottom outside of the pouch and use of the beaded handle to release bladder system which in turn actuates the CO2 inflation system.

To manually deploy a DMFS unit, the user pulls downward on the firing handle. This motion pulls the bladder system out of the pouch which initiates the manual inflator lever causing the actuator firing pin to puncture the seal on the 24 gram CO2 cartridges thereby releasing the gas and completely filling the bladder. Should the CO2 inflation system fail to operate, the bladder may be filled through an oral inflation tube. This is accomplished by depressing the OraLock Valve and breathing into the tube. The Flotation Lift Capability has been calculated at 48 lbs. at the surface.

Once inflated, gas can be released quickly from the DMFS bladders by pressing downward on the OraLock valves and forcing the air out through the oral inflation tubes. Once all of the gas is evacuated from the bladder, the CO2 cartridge is replaced and the unit is repacked for future use.

Packing Procedures Power Point Presentation

Power Point presentation for the packing procedure of the Detachable Modular Flotation System