About PECI Flotation

A member of the Protective Engineering Concepts Group, PECI Flotation is dedicated toward using state-of-the-art engineering solutions to build products geared to support today's Tactical Warrior. "Built by Operators, For Operators" and "Your Round Trip Ticket When Safety Counts" are two of the guiding principles we use in developing our products knowing full well they are designed for the preservation of life in extreme situations.

Drawing on the experience of a lifetime of military service, PECI Flotation is dedicated to providing 21st century solutions for operators in the military, other governmental agencies, and law enforcement. We provide the tools that will assist them in carrying out their many and varied missions. Additionally, we will work with each customer for rapid prototype design and manufacture.

If you have special needs, PECI Flotation will team with you to ensure you get what you need.