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Covert Inflatable Aid

The Tactical Flotation Support System™, TFSS-5326, designed by PECI Flotation, L.L.C, is an inflatable aid to flotation device specifically designed for covert war fighters, combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel. It can also be used with the Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) during egress from a submerged vessel of any type. The TFSS-5326 was designed to provide 45lbs positive buoyancy in seawater at a depth of 33 ft., 57lbs of positive flotation at a depth of 15 ft., and 80lbs of flotation on the surface, allowing today’s war fighter a maximum load-out of equipment.

Each TFSS-5326 system consists of one each independent left and right hand units, which can be mounted on a belt. Each unit includes a welded flotation bladder, an inflation system, a pouch closure system, a pouch, and a firing handle. The bladder is a reusable welded fabric enclosure that deploys under the arm and is readily collapsed and stowed for future use. The inflation system utilizes a manually actuated CO2 cartridge for primary inflation and an oral inflation tube for secondary inflation.

The TFSS-5326 pouch uses a unique Grommet, Loop, and Pin (GLP) closure system design that combines positive closure of the pouch with space efficient packing. This method prevents accidental pouch opening and allows for the smallest unit size when fully packed (approx 6.5" x 2.75" x 2.25"). A durable cordura flap to further protect against damage and inadvertent actuation covers the entire closure mechanism.

The TFSS-5326 pouch contains and protects the bladder, inflation system, and closure system. It includes a waist belt loop and clip loops to secure the pouch to the webbing belt. The firing handle attaches to the outside of the pouch and uses color-coded beads to help distinguish left and right hand units. The handle serves to release the closure system and actuate the CO2 inflation system.

To manually actuate a TFSS-5326 unit, the user pulls upward on the firing handle. This motion initiates two sequential actions. First the pouch closure pins are released, allowing the pouches to open freely. Second the manual inflator lever is actuated, causing the firing pin to puncture the seal on the CO2 cartridges to release the gas and completely fill the bladder. Should the CO2 inflation system fail to operate, the bladder is filled through an oral inflation tube. This is accomplished by depressing the Oralock valve, then breathing into the tube.

Gas is released from the TFSS-5326 bladder by pressing downward on the Oralock valve and forcing the air out the oral inflation tube. Once all of the gas is evacuated from the bladder, the CO2 cartridges are replaced, maintenance is performed, and the units are repacked for future use.

Maintenance Manual

Packing procedures, wearing instructions, spec's & plus more


CO2 MSDS Sheet

All the data needed for shipping and storing the CO2 cartridges contained in your TFSS-5326