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Maritime Safety System

Utilizing the globally recognized PECI Flotation Tactical Flotation Support Systems ("TFSS"), the Maritime Safety System ("MSS") adds a new dimension of safety and survival and is compatible with the already proven and accepted SEA2 egress air system. Included are right and left TFSS flotation devices that provide 80 lbs of life on the surface (sea water) together with a rescue belt, an egress air system pouch, a survival whistle and a survival pouch. The survival pouch is used to carry survival items such as a chem-lite, a dye-marker and a signal mirror (survival items not included). This system increases your odds in a water survival scenario. Don’t be a lost at sea statistic.

The MSS is incorporated into a sturdy rescue/riggers belt maintained on the body until manual release while being secured by the proven "Cobra-style" buckle system making the individually readily available for extraction. The system has been designed for easy don and doffing with two buckles; the main buckle and the leg clasp for the thigh rig associated with the SEA2 air system.

Once the system is inflated, there are easy to use support straps to contain the system around the individual or to attach to others under a buddy scenario.

Operator's Manual

Packing procedures, wearing instructions, spec's & plus more


CO2 MSDS Sheet

All the data needed for shipping and storing the CO2 cartridges contained in your MSS (TFSS - 8202)