The TFSS-777 is a one size fits all system that has been designed to accommodate the personal preference of the user for ease of wearing and comfort. It is an unobtrusive system that supports a myriad of missions and was designed to fit the inside pocket of Rhodesian style vests where it can be manually inflated to offer enough buoyancy compensation when it is needed the most.



After each use:

  • Rinse entire unit in fresh water
  • Allow unit to completely air dry
  • Apply a small amount of a silicon lubricant to all valves
  • Visually inspect all bladders for any damage
  • Replace unit if damaged
  • Repack unit in accordance with procedures


Conduct annual inspection to consist of:

  • Orally inflate and allow to sit for 24 hours
  • Thoroughly inspect unit for leaks. Replace if damaged
  • Inspect all valves to ensure they are in good working order

Upon initial issue of the TFSS-5326 and 7353:

  • The user is required to conduct an annual inspection and report any damage to the cognizant authority